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1892 Lever-Action Cowboy Rifle

1892 Lever-Action Cowboy Rifle
Item# FD1069
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Product Description

Model 1892 Lever Action Carbine Cowboy Rifle Version - USA 1892

Non-fireable Overall Length: 37 1/8" Weight: 5lb 13oz Barrel Length: 19"

The 1892 lever action carbine cowboy rifle, descendant of the Henry and 1866 rifles,was made from 1892 until 1941 and total production was in excess of one million pieces.

Many variations and calibers of this cowboy rifle were introduced over the course of the 50 years production, but the basic design of the rifle was largely unaltered and the fact that many Model 92's are still in use today as lever action hunting rifles bears testimony to the reliability and longevity of the Model 92 gun.

This non-firing lever action carbine rifle replica clearly demonstrates the workings of the famed lever action rifle.

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